Professional Profile

Marther Walter Mushi

  • Marther Walter Mushi
  • Female
  • Yes
  • Electrical Engineer
  • -Design, control, and implement electrical systems and products -Develop manufacturing processes according to global engineering codes and standards -Manage engineering projects and deliver them on time -Define customer needs and requirements -Ensure that installations and applications are in line with customer needs and safety standards -Collaborate with engineers and technicians to design and apply new system processes -Perform quality and performance analysis on new and legacy IT systems -Summarize data and report on test results -Examine needs on new equipment, calculate costs and help prepare budgets -Monitor maintenance and inspection plans
  • Employed
  • Engineering Contractors
  • Bachelor Degree
  • LPRO-2022-4-14
  • 0784 141 692
  • Tegeta- Dar es salaam

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