Professional Profile

Daudi Matungwa Katabaro

  • Daudi Matungwa Katabaro
  • Male
  • No
  • Gas Engineer
  • Gas Engineer
  • Gas Engineer
  • Metallurgical engineer
  • Metallurgical engineer
  • Metallurgical engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Certified Professional Engineer with over two years’ experience in the gas engineering field. An enthusiastic person continuously seeking to improve knowledge and achieve job satisfaction through determination and perseverance. Key strengths: -Competent in both oil and gas engineering field -Capable in using oil and gas software's -Capable in project management and process development -Capable in Engineering design works
  • Employed
  • Petroleum Sector
  • Masters Degree
  • LPRO-2022-5-32
  • 0692 723 930

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