Professional Profile

Erca Wilfred Mmari

  • Erca Wilfred Mmari
  • Female
  • Yes
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Process/Chemical Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Experienced and driven process engineer with enough knowledge of chemical and process engineering and Petroleum engineering. Focused process engineers with a great safety record, Quality control, equipment sizing, and specification, also have hands-on experience in making sure that Products comply with safety standards, Problem-solving and analytical thinking skills, fast learning, and the ability to adapt to the growing industry Areas of Expertise: Basis of Design, Process Description, Control philosophy, PFDs, P&IDs, HAZOP, Hydraulics studies, Project Scheduling.
  • Employed
  • Petroleum Sector
  • Masters Degree
  • LPRO-2022-5-37
  • 0758 266 744
  • Kinyerezi,Dar es Salaam

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