Professional Profile

Siya Paul Rimoy

  • Siya Paul Rimoy
  • Male
  • Yes
  • Civil Engineering
  • Siya’s professional experience in structural, transport and geotechnical civil engineering and project management results from an array of engagements extending from practical training apprenticeships during graduate studies to subsequent industrial work experiences. Siya’s professional practice has seen him work with leading engineering universities, multi-disciplinary consulting firms and civil engineering contractors in delivering specialist design reports, research reports, refereed journals and conferences publications, and construction engineering project management.
  • Employed
  • Project management, Sustainability, Energy development, Development of built environments
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)
  • LPRO-2022-8-94
  • 0754 682 411
  • P. O. Box 5480, Dar es Salaam. Tanzania.

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