Professional Profile


  • Male
  • Yes
  • Process/Chemical Engineer
  • I have a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Process Engineering and a Master of Engineering Management from the University of Dar es Salaam. Since 2011, I have been a Registered Professional Engineer with the Engineers Registration Board of Tanzania (ERB) in the field of Chemical and Process Engineering, with over 15 years of expertise. In 2004, I worked as a minerals analyst for a company called Alex Stewart Government Business Corporation (ASAGBC). In 2007, I was hired by the Tanzanian government as a senior engineer for the Gold Audit Programme. In 2009, I joined Tanzania Minerals Auditing Company as a senior engineer, and in 2016, I was elevated to Principal Engineer. In 2018, I began working as a Principal Research Officer with Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organisation (TIRDO).
  • Employed
  • 1. Mineral Sector 2. Investment, Industry and Trade
  • Masters Degree
  • LPRO-2023-5-142
  • 0756 061 786
  • Ubungo - Daresalaam

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