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Nixon Jacob Lema

  • Nixon Jacob Lema
  • Male
  • Yes
  • Business Consultant
  • Logistics Consultant
  • Procurement
  • Procurement Management: Proven expertise in strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management, and contract negotiations, ensuring optimal cost savings and quality assurance. Logistics Optimization: Proficient in designing and implementing efficient supply chain processes, including inventory management, distribution strategies, and transportation logistics to enhance overall operational performance. Sales Strategy: Demonstrated success in developing and executing sales strategies, achieving revenue targets, and fostering long-term client relationships through effective communication and negotiation skills. Supply Chain Analytics: Skilled in utilizing data analytics tools to analyze market trends, demand patterns, and performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making and proactive supply chain management. Cross-functional Collaboration: Adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams, including finance, production, and marketing, to align procurement and logistics strategies with overall business objectives. Regulatory Compliance: In-depth knowledge of local and international regulations governing procurement and logistics, ensuring adherence to legal requirements and mitigating potential risks. Cost Control: Proactively identify opportunities for cost reduction without compromising quality, utilizing financial acumen to optimize budget allocations and achieve financial objectives. Negotiation Skills: Strong negotiation skills in dealing with vendors, suppliers, and clients, resulting in favorable terms, cost-effective agreements, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Technology Integration: Experience in implementing and leveraging technology solutions such as ERP systems, automation tools, and data management platforms to enhance efficiency and accuracy in procurement and logistics operations. Market Research: Continuous monitoring of market trends, competitor activities, and industry developments to stay ahead of the curve, making informed decisions and adapting strategies accordingly.
  • Employed
  • Procurement Management Unit
  • Bachelor Degree
  • LPRO-2024-1-190
  • 0717 987 646
  • Simanjiro, Manyara

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