Professional Profile

Zachariah Boniphace Mang'ula

  • Zachariah Boniphace Mang'ula
  • Male
  • Yes
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Engineering personnel with a great mindset that is passionate about data and research and driven to reform and invent new and sustainable concepts that can better serve my community. I have obtained knowledge and passion both in engineering aspects and principles as well as the business behind the oil and gas industry. Being with a strong sense of teamwork, adaptability, and a growth mindset gives me the ability to easily pick up new skills and fit in with other ways of doing things. Skilled multitasker with superior work ethic, problem-solving and organizational skills, Reliable and dedicated team player with a hardworking and resourceful approach.
  • Unemployed
  • Family Business
  • Bachelor Degree
  • LPRO-2022-11-149
  • 0712 320 409
  • 7561 Mwanza

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