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  • Male
  • No
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • I am an internationally oriented professional focused on energy and natural resources. I am analytical thinker and data-driven engineer with more than 7 years of experiences in energy sector with broad knowledge and skills in Technical, Economical, Commercial and Political dimensions of the projects. I am skilled in Production performance analysis, Reservoir Evaluation, Reservoir Simulation, Production Forecasting, Reservoir &Well Surveillance, Pore Pressure Prediction, Petroleum Resources volume estimation, classification and reporting ; and Pressure Transient Analysis. With strong skills in petroleum engineering modelling and interpretations tools including :PETREL,ECLIPSE, MBAL, PROSPER, GAP, PetroSigns Flow, KAPPA/Saphir, TECHLOG. Equipped with better understanding of energy business across all dimensions (Technical, Economical, Commercial and Political ). Gained through history of working in the oil & energy industry in multiple locations across the global like United Kingdom, Trinidad &Tobago, The Netherlands and Tanzania. Registered Professional Engineer with Engineers Registration Board (ERB)-Tanzania. A professional member and chairman of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Tanzania (SPE), and an associate member Energy Institute (United Kingdom). Member Institution of Engineers Tanzania (IET) I am acquainted with transferable skills such as Data analysis, communication, leadership, management, renewable energy, business analysis and teaching. Greatly I aspire to apply my hands-on technical experience and integration skills in energy, renewable energy, sustainability, climate change, and environmental conservation while sharing my knowledge with others.
  • Employed
  • Petroleum Sector
  • Masters Degree
  • LPRO-2022-5-76
  • 0755 407 737
  • P.o.Box 11531 Dar es Salaam

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