Professional Profile

Prudence Laurian Rugeiyamu

  • Prudence Laurian Rugeiyamu
  • Male
  • Yes
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Laurian, Prudence is among the energetic younger professional in oil and gas Industry and as Petroleum Engineer possess knowledge on Drilling, Reservoir and Production Engineering, not only that but also Pipeline engineering, Petrochemical and Processing, HSE, Petroleum Inspection, Risk Assessment and Management. Prudence is now working with Petroleum Bulk Procurement Agency (PBPA) as Petroleum Inspector/Surveyor with experience of more than five years in oil and gas (downstream) industry.
  • Employed
  • Petroleum Sector
  • Bachelor Degree
  • LPRO-2022-6-59
  • 0762 244 453
  • P.O.BOX 36512

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