Professional Profile

Innocent Noel Kanuya

  • Innocent Noel Kanuya
  • Male
  • Yes
  • Civil Engineering
  • 1. I am a Civil/ Structural Engineer capable of overseeing all site construction activities with high level of integrity. - Perform quality assurance and quality control of construction materials and workmanship - Safety management in construction site - Supervising all construction works and maintain team works during site works. 2. I am capable of carryout out design office activities, which includes - Preparation and reviewing of structural drawings - Preparation and interpretation of BoQ - Measurement of works and preparation of contractor’s payment certificates 3. I have a broad knowledge in construction project management - Monitoring construction progress through program of works - Engaging with different stakeholders for smooth implementation of projects - Preparation construction daily, weekly and monthly progress reports - Adhering to scope of works by paying attention to details of the contract - Setting KPIs for construction project tasks. - Working with international organizations
  • Employed
  • Construction Industry
  • Bachelor Degree
  • LPRO-2022-7-84
  • 0692 491 993
  • Ubungo Makoka Dar es Salaam

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