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Honest Joseph Lugalla

  • Honest Joseph Lugalla
  • Male
  • No
  • Legal
  • I am a qualified and licensed attorney with over 20 years of experience of active legal practice in Tanzania. Having an LLB and LLM (Corporate & Commercial) degrees, my practice focuses in areas of corporate & commercial law, particularly company law, banking & finance, mining, energy, oil & gas, employment, tax, insurance, IT & Telecoms, and competition law. I do have unrivalled hands-on experience of various transactions and projects in these areas. I have been at the center of advising several local and international banks, borrowers, mining companies, telecoms, energy and utility companies, suppliers and manufacturers, etc. on matters related to company formation and management, land acquisitions and compensations, lending business, mergers and acquisitions, employments, insurance, environmental laws and compliance, business licensing, etc. I have also handled numerous consortium arrangements in the mining sector and have been responsible for advising various clients on a number of other high profile transactions.
  • Self-employed
  • Advocate & Legal Consultant
  • Masters Degree
  • LPRO-2022-7-86
  • 0754 711 333
  • 6th Floor, Tanzanite Park, Plot No. 38 Ursino South, New Bagamoyo Rd. DSM

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