Professional Profile

Oswald Peter Bomani

  • Oswald Peter Bomani
  • Male
  • No
  • Superbly accurate and research focused Geologist and Hydrogeologist skilled at gathering information and analyzing data.Hardworking with affinity for characterizing sediment, performing Geological,Environmental and Hydrogeological studies(Aquifer testing techniques,Hydrogeological Survey), and completing Numerical Modeling,Visual Modflow, Feflow and related groundwater modeling techniques. Grounded problem solver quick to determine solutions to issues that arise. Resourceful professional with excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work as part of team to accomplish challenges objectives.
  • Unemployed
  • None
  • Masters Degree
  • LPRO-2022-8-92
  • 0757 116 317
  • Tabata-Kinyerezi

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