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Abdulkarim Tumba Abbas Tumba

  • Abdulkarim Tumba Abbas Tumba
  • Male
  • Yes
  • G.C.E - in Mechanical Engineering. ? ASNT NDT Level II UT, MT, PT, ET & VT. ASNT Level II ? IRATA LV 3 ? BOSIET- Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (OPITO Approved)- Valid up to January’2022 ? H2S Safety Awareness Training –Chevr
  • Summary of Work Experience In the professionally competitive environment of international workforce, have been worked for a period of 15+ years enriched with on-the-job working experience as Managing Director /Project Manager/ Inspection Supervisor/ ASNT NDT Level 2/IRATA LV 3/ in the field of Construction/ In-service Inspection, Corrosion monitoring projects, Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Turn around/ On-Stream Inspection, in various Oil & Gas Offshore Platform facilities, FPSO, FSO, Large scale Petrochemical industries, Gas liquefaction LNG Plant, Gas to Liquid GTL facilities, Cross country Pipe-line, Power plants & Refineries of Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Qatar, Dubai, Iran, Abudabhi (UAE), & India. South Africa, Congo, Ivory Coast, Spain, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Gabon, Senegal, Kenya, Namibia and Zambia.
  • Self-employed
  • Petroleum Sector
  • Certificate
  • LPRO-2023-1-116
  • 0628 555 552

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